Where are we?

The project is located in the Upper Amazon Basin, in the central east of Ecuador. The Project works with rural schools and communities located between the provincial seat of Puyo and the remote towns of Arajuno and Villano. This region is culturally and ecologically rich, but also at-risk due to unsustainable economic activities tied to deforestation and declines in ecosystem benefits and services.

At one end of the Arajuno Road lies the small town of Arajuno, a gateway to Yasuni National Park – a biodiversity hotspot where an astounding number of species, many of them unique, can be found in a concentrated area.

At the other end of Arajuno Road is the city of Puyo – the provincial capital. During the day, Puyo is bustling with a diverse mix of the seven indigenous nationalities of the province of Pastaza and colonizers from near and far. Puyo has a laid back and welcoming atmosphere.

We collaborate directly on-site on a regular basis in seven communities and include another eight satellite communities in programming whenever possible.

To learn more about the schools/communities we collaborate with, please read our 2013 Census Report.

ARP_partner communities_map-v3