Volunteer Testimonies

Testimonies prior to 2013, as well as those not included here from 2013 to present, have been archived. Feedback ratings are compiled each year from all submitted volunteer feedback forms.


“I was deeply impressed by ARP’s relationship with the isolated communities they serve – one marked by dialogue and mutual respect, collaborating in the fullest sense of the word to achieve sustainable forms of development. From working in the schools, to participating in community workdays in the communal gardens, to experiencing the indigenous Kichwar culture of this region, it was a transformative experience. Real change affecting real people.” – Education Program Coordinator

“I learned more than I could have imagined about so many topics – indigenous culture and relations with mestizo population, history of agriculture and development in the Amazon, bee-keeping, cacao production, reforestation, culture of family – to name a few. I was able to learn all of these things because I was forced to be independent in order to create my own experience and feel useful in such a foreign atmosphere – which was difficult! But worth it for me.” – Community Development & Conservation Intern

“The Arajuno Road Project is doing great work in supporting schools with English lessons and supporting education in matters such as conservation and water safety. I feel that we have played a small part in helping support the health of these children (with water filtration systems) and have left a small legacy that will be used regularly, hence it’s direct impact.” – Community Development & Conservation Volunteer

“During this project I met an amazing amount different people. I was warmly welcomed by the community I was going to work for, and even more warmly welcomed by my fellow volunteers at the volunteer house. It was amazing to spend my weekdays working in the Amazon and spend the weekends travelling the country with the other volunteers. ARP is an organisation which does amazing work in an even more amazing environment. I definitely had an amazing time there and could recommend it to anybody.” – Community Development & Conservation Intern


“Through my experience w/Arajuno, I’ve learned to be a more conscious volunteer. I learned the importance of offering services that you are skilled in, and services that the communities feel that they need. I also loved how there was always more to do in my case b/c Arajuno is constantly seeking to better itself and the services it provides.” – Education Intern

“Overall, I had a very positive experience – helping under-represented members of the Arajuno community.” 

“I felt that the work I was doing through ARP was significantly improving local communities. The home-stay families and staff were very welcoming and supportive.”

“Thank you so much for this experience. I really enjoyed working with these communities, and Puyo is such a special place.” – Education Program Coordinator

“My experience in Puyo, Ecuador has been challenging, but rewarding. I got to learn so much in a short space of [time]!” – Education Volunteer

“The Arajuno Road Project is doing great work for the community. With the combination of English classes and Community Outreach, little by little they are helping the next generation succeed.” – Community Development & Conservation Volunteer

“I loved working here, the kids, the staff… the city… I made amazing friends. I had the best opportunity of my life and I wanna thank you guys for this. THANK YOU :)” – Education Program Coordinator

“I really enjoyed my time with the Arajuno Road Project. I found teaching at the schools enjoyable and fulfilling and will miss all of the children a great deal.” – Education Volunteer

“Thank you for providing a positive volunteer experience. From first contact to departure ARP was communicative and supportive. It is an amazing project and the schools are great communities for this young generation to learn and grow. GROW FOOD, GROW COMMUNITY” – Community Development & Conservation Volunteer

“I had a brilliant time at Arajuno Road Project, the teaching was such a fun and rewarding thing to do. Thanks guys xxx” – Education Volunteer

“I had a really great time here. The real problem is the cleaning of the [volunteer] house, all the rest is good.” – Education Volunteer

“Working with the school garden program has really given me the opportunity to learn more about organic farming and understanding agriculture in another country. Thank you for the experience! I was given very unique experiences with the mingas and charlas. It put me out of my comfort zone, and I have grown as a result.” – Community Development & Conservation Intern


“Wow! This in an experience we will never forget. Ecuador’s children have taught us so much, even though we are supposed to be the teachers. They are keen and eager to learn English. And the Arajuno Road Project is doing a lot for the community.” – Education Volunteer

“Working with Arajuno Road Project has been a life-changing experience. I am proud of my contributions and can truly say I’ve made an impact on the organization and communities along the Arajuno Road.” – Organizational Development Intern

“I had a great time here and enjoyed the whole experience. Even though we had only 2 weeks here – it’s been eye-opening, enjoyable and I would love to do it again.” – Education Volunteer

“I really admire all the hard work you do and found it really hard to leave. Without a shadow of a doubt, this project will be recommended. THANK YOU!!!” – Education Volunteer

“Working with ARP has been a great experience, and a good introduction to non-profit work. The school gardens are a very important project and I was glad to be able to contribute!” – Community Development & Conservation Intern

“I really enjoyed my time here – getting to know the sweetest children and their hardworking parents. I felt like I was really able to make a difference – and experience community development.” – Community Development & Conservation Intern

“Brilliant project. Does a lot of support for the kids, and the volunteers get a lot out of it too. The directors are fantastic and accommodation refreshingly decent. Had a lot of new experiences, met some amazing people but it was a lot of hard work. But that’s what makes it fun!” – Education Volunteer

“Teaching on the ARP was a really enjoyable challenge. The students on the whole loved our classes, and us! The volunteer house has everything you need plus more. Overall a very organized program with the certainty of long-term success in Puyo.” – Education Volunteer

“I have had an excellent experience working with the Arajuno Road Project. It is very organized and focused and you can tell the classes are important to the students. It’s a wonderful experience to be part of it.” – Education Volunteer

“Enjoy your time in the Amazon helping local students and enjoying the rich diversity of birds and butterflies. I couldn’t ask for a better mix of wonder and service!” – Community Development & Conservation Volunteer

“I had an amazing experience with the Arajuno Road Project. Each day was an adventure and I have learnt a lot along the way. I really recommend staying for longer periods of time as you are able to see your work make a difference.” – Education Volunteer