Supporting School Communities


ARP’s Education program provides the necessary material, financial and technical resources to schools and communities so they can tackle obstacles by building on their own strengths, their unique identities and by carrying-out their own educational projects.


ARP’s Education Program is dedicated to supporting rural, underserved schools along Arajuno Road in Pastaza, Ecuador (Amazonia). Communities here are rich in cultural and linguistic diversity, ancestral knowledge about plants and have a deep connection to nature—whether they be non-Amazonian agricultural settlers or native Amazonian hunters and fishers.

The schools have self-motivated, hard working career teachers with tenacious devotion to their students—some of Ecuador’s most marginalized.

Despite all the human and natural resources available, there are challenges inherent to surviving as a largely indigenous populace amidst legacies of colonialism: Pastaza has Ecuador’s highest rate of extreme poverty, economically motivated deforestation is rampant, the population of groups who are not familiar with nor necessarily interested in conserving the rainforest or its cultures is ever-increasing, teachers do not have access to the best information on teaching practices and schools are under-resourced.

Historically, our program started out as English teaching voluntourism. However, over a decade of developing relationships with local communities, we have realized the limitations of that approach. In the last couple of years we have evolved into a community-based partner for educational achievement.


Multicultural Children’s Literature Initiative

Parent Development Initiative

Multi-sensory Classrooms Initiative

We are always in need of quality children’s literature which is complex, expansive, beautifully illustrated, captivating, whose protagonists look like our students and whose stories draw upon the traditions and experiences of indigenous peoples. Please contact us if you would like to send us books from our wish-list, to donate children’s books for our library at the Community Center, or to donate money to support the Education Program.

Arajuno Road Project – One World Classroom Skype Exchange


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