Staff & Advisors


Laura Hepting, MSc

Ms. Hepting has over 15 years of professional work experience in both government and nonprofit settings in rural and urban locations. Environmental and human health connections have traditionally been a primary focus of her work. Ms. Hepting holds a B.A. in Environmental Sciences and a M.Sc. in Interdisciplinary Ecology both from the University of Florida where she focused her advanced studies in the areas of Latin American Studies and Tropical Conservation and Development. Ms. Hepting came to live in Ecuador as a Peace Corps volunteer in 2009. Her ultimate goal is to help promote healthy lifestyles and quality of life on both the individual and community-level.


Rodrigo Engracia

Mr. Engracia was born and raised in the coastal region of Ecuador in a province with fewer opportunities than most. After reporting and serving for military duty in the Ecuadorian Army, he found a more promising future on the other side of the country where he has now lived for nearly a decade. Mr. Engracia has a true passion and contagious energy for helping others, strong social skills, and a background in agricultural sciences. 


Ana Miscolta, Operations
Stephanie Scott, Education


Chris Copple, Organizational Development



Simon Barlow
Consultant, SIMBA Training and Development Ltd

Zoila Cartagena Reino
Profesora de inglés, Colegio Orellana-Puyo

Meaghan Clark, MPP
New Business Development Specialist, Land O’Lakes International Development Division

Erica Felker-Kantor, MA, MSPH, TESOL
Social Epidemiologist, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Co-Chair, Physicians for Haiti

Nick Greatrex, Founding Director
Operations Manager, Great Aves

Michael Moscarelli, MPS
Associate Program Officer, International Relief and Development (IRD)

Carlos Gustavo A. Ormond, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Tropical Conservation Consortium (TCC)
Instructor and Research Coordinator, Institute for Environmental Learning, Simon Fraser University

Femi Vance, Ph.D.
Research Associate, Public Profit