Parent Development Initiative

The Parent Development Initiative grew out of a local school’s ambition to create a culture of co-responsibility about education between parents and schools. The aim is to provide parents with tools for personal development. In the past, workshop topics have included managing family relationships through a healthy emotional awareness and concepts in early childhood development. Workshops are taught by highly qualified in-country professionals.

Mariana Freire, parent leader, and Ólguer Paguay, School Principal from Diez de Agosto parish as well as Paola Lagos, Quito-based therapist and past visiting workshop leader at Diez de Agosto parish, and Stephanie Scott, ARP Education Coordinator, pose with the team from Terapia Craniosacral Ecuador and participants of the Vagus Nerve I workshop at INEPE school in Quito. August 2017.


Meet our collaborators for Parent Development Initiative:

Mariana Freire is part-time custodian at   UE República Argentina and also the        parent of a student at the school in                Diez de Agosto parish.

She is a respected parent leader, mother of six and catechism teacher, admired by newer mothers in the community.

Mariana participates in the Parent Development Initiative because she wants to improve family relationships, especially as it pertains to the community’s vulnerable youth.

Ólguer Paguay is teacher and school principal at UE República Argentina in Diez de Agosto parish.

He created the Parent Development Initiative because he believes education is a collaboration between parents, students and teachers and also because he knows that the well-being of the community as a whole and the academic success of individual students are inextricably linked.