Multi-sensory Classrooms Initiative

The Multi-sensory Classrooms Initiative came from a teacher at a partner school over his concern for struggling students who may have learning difficulties or disabilities due to a lack of appropriate early childhood experiences. The aim is to provide pre-K and Kindergarten teachers with professional development and classroom materials to promote optimal sensory-motor skills, intellectual curiosity and autonomy in learning. In-country professionals serve as consultants and trainers.

Students explore various textures and choose colors and materials for a creative task.

Student works independently, manipulating magnetized wooden blocks to build her own creation.



Meet our collaborators for the Multi-sensory Classrooms Initiative:

Miriam Chuquimarca teaches pre-K at UE República Argentina in the Diez de Agosto parish.

She participates in ARP’s partnership for Multi-sensory Classrooms because she knows that children under five years old have a variety of developmental needs, which are best served through extensive play with the appropriate, high-quality materials.

Fernando Rodríguez teaches Kindergarten at UE República Argentina in the Diez de Agosto parish.

He requested the creation of ARP’s Multi-sensory Classrooms Initiative because he is concerned about the impact of pre-K and Kindergarten learning experiences on student achievement in later grades. Specifically, Fernando suggested this initiative in response to ARP’s Education Program report at the end of 2016-2017 school year, in which Coordinator, Stephanie Scott, identified widespread and persistent difficulties with literacy skills in students from first to sixth grade.