Guiding Principles

1. Due to the cultural and ecological diversity of the Arajuno Road and surrounding areas, it is important that the local and international community work to protect this region from socio-economic and environmental decline, which traditionally occurs following road construction in natural areas.

2. Community development originates in the community. Grassroots organizations strengthen community development by providing education and technical assistance, and collaborating with appropriately scaled resources.

3. ARP is consciously designed to be a learning experience for everyone involved: children, community members and other local stakeholders, volunteers, interns, and staff.

4. Respect for our planet is a basic value for all cultures and religions. Our quality of life is directly related to the health of the natural environment. There is a complex feedback system between poverty and natural resources. Therefore, ARP’s work integrates green concepts in as much of its work as possible.

5. International and cross-cultural understanding is central to a peaceful and just world.

6. Access to quality education is a basic human right. A child’s formation is especially important in building healthy societies.