As a non-profit organization, we try to put as much of our funds as possible towards the improvement of the schools and communities. Donations are always accepted with gratitude.

 To make a direct monetary donation to the Arajuno Road Project, please click below (link will take you to our donation page, sponsored by ARP’s fiscal sponsor):




ARP is often asked what material or cash donations would be helpful to support and further the work of the Project. Here is a list of various ways to add to your collaboration. Your contribution is highly appreciated!


-Give to ARP’s Project Center fund – ARP is currently in the process of developing a community center with space for an education center, greenhouses, more spacious accommodation, etc
-Fund a student scholarship ($600/yr)
-Visa grant for ARP coordinator ($450)
-Notebooks for our students ($80/yr)
-Fund a Community Development Mini Project ($200)
-Buy a tray of veggie starters for a school garden ($10)
-Buy a fruit tree for a school/community ($3)

Volunteers & Travellers – Pre-Arrival (how to use any extra space in your pack)

If you have extra room in your luggage and want to bring physical donations with you to Ecuador for ARP, there are some items needed throughout the year. Many of them are items you may have lying around at home that are not being used.

-Basic school supplies for students (e.g. pencils, pencil sharpeners, erasers, crayons, markers, etc.)
-School supplies for teachers (e.g. stickers, dry erase markers and erasers, learning aids, classroom posters, etc.)
-Library : used or new children’s books in English and/or Spanish
-Sporting equipment/Games (e.g. soccer balls, basketballs, puzzles, simple games, etc.)
-Office equipment: know someone who just bought a new computer but the old one is still working well? Computer donations have made a huge difference for ARP; the same goes for tablets and cell phones – we’d like to start taking these out to the field as learning tools; general office supplies are also helpful
-House goods for the volunteer house: quality items are hard to come by here and often people have unused items at home (e.g. single/double sheets, durable cookware, oven mitts, old movies, books, games)

Volunteers & Local Residents – On-site

-House goods for the volunteer house : is there something outside of the basic necessities that would be a nice addition to life in the house? (e.g. a good pair of computer speakers, special kitchen implement)
-See previous section above for additional ideas
-Buy a T-shirt, wear it with pride, $5 goes toward ARP’s general donations fund too
-Buy a postcard, all proceeds go to ARP’s general donations fund


Thank you for your contribution!!!!


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