Community Health



To increase quality of life and well-being of individuals and communities. ARP’s program specifically aims to help increase medical literacy, improve food security and nutrition, and improve water security/access to clean drinking water.


Our Community Health project is a newer program that aims to increase quality of life and well-being of individuals and communities.  In 2015, ARP volunteers collaborated with schools on water security and health promoters in partner communities to implement a medical literacy curriculum.

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Many of the communities and the community schools along the Arajuno Road do not have access to running water and for those that do, the water is typically turbid and unclean. The families of students spend hundreds of dollars on buying drinking water for the classrooms. This long term lack of clean water has led to limited knowledge of health in regards to water and sanitation.

Therefore, our program aims to investigate types of appropriate water systems for the different schools and communities, promote and educate about the importance of clean water and ultimately install and implement water systems.

water-filtration---10-de-agosto---1-month-me_18194921620_oIn 2015, we installed water filter systems into two schools: 10 de agosto and Esfuerzo 1. Both schools have reported a decrease in illnesses among children and claim to be drinking more glasses of water throughout the day. Families have seen big annual savings thanks to the installation of the filter systems. We hope resources will permit ARP to continue with this important work moving forward.



Medical / Health

Through research conducted in the area amongst local communities, it is apparent that there is a general lack of knowledge of health and healthcare (specifically first aid care), in conjunction with lack of access to and a distrust of medical professionals.
This project aims to integrate local care practices into first aid and western medical care. This process has been initiated by holding a pilot workshop with community health promoters and carrying this knowledge forward through first aid instruction within communities.

In 2015, thanks to Community Health volunteers and interns, a First Responder Medical Curriculum was established.






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