About ARP

The introduction of roads into previously autonomous and natural areas brings a potentially destabilizing imbalance to both culture and environment. ARP’s work revolves around supporting communities along their path to finding a new and sustainable equilibrium through technical support, education and long-term engagement. With every year of programming our transformative impact on the schools and communities here in their rural Amazonian environment deepens.

The Proyecto Ruta del Arajuno / Arajuno Road Project (ARP) began activities in 2007 and was formally created in March of 2008 by Great Aves, a UK-based charity, with the goal of supporting the schools and improving the opportunities available to children living along the road located between the small city of Puyo and the rural community of Arajuno in the Ecuadorian Amazon. In December of 2011, the project became a separate organization under new direction, and has impacted over 500 children and their families to date.

ARP’s founding years were focused on providing support to children in rural, primary schools who lack the educational resources and opportunities of their urban counterparts, programming that we continue today. Working with rural schools on a long-term basis has also given us an insider’s view on community strengths and challenges. ARP’s community development and conservation programming has organically developed through our relationships with the schools and communities, providing support for infrastructure, the development of community gardens, forest conservation activities, and community health initiatives.

ARP is legally registered in Ecuador as a private organization, RUC #1751744812001. We are part of the Omprakash network: Omprakash is a U.S. registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization providing a web-based platform that connects grassroots health, education, and environmental projects around the world with volunteers, donors, and classrooms that can learn from and support their work. ARP is also registered with the European Commission PIC number: 925775955.



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